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Rant numbah 1

 yeah, this is the first of my many rants to come :3.

(rant- used loosely, almost in an incorrect manner. I think that random discussion would be a more fitting title, but I do rant in the middle of random discussions so - ranting it is.)

I'm currently finishing up my Sasusaku fanart for dA and by god WHY is Sasuke's hair so weird!??! dkjafl;kjdsf;lkdsjaf ;lk I'm extremely frustrated with this fanart ATM. :)

I wish shonen jump would hurry up and come out :((( I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo impatient right now (want to read naruto, katekyo hitman reborn, bleach- in that order). Two weeks is, apparently, too long for my own good.

WHERE'S KYOKO AND HARU BTW. dsjkalfjaslf;ds so many chapters passed and the duo haven't appeared in the vongola inheritance arc yet :((( I'm sad. I love those two. This is so random (but this is a random entry, right?) but I REALLY hope that Haru SOMEHOW gains SOME power. Kyoko doesn't need power- Tsuna's future wife :3. BUT HARU. Come on, random girl with the Vongola. Seriously, I don't want Haru to end up being the girl rejected by Tsuna and randomly associated with the Family (Well, I do believe she will end up with SOMEONE in the family. coughgokuderacough). EVEN IF she is the girlfriend/wife of a family member, I don't want her to be weak :(. IF HARU had a flame, I'm guessing it would be Thunder :D. It fits her SO well. She's associated with Lambo a lot and she bickers with Gokudera in a way that is reminiscent of Gokudera and Lambo. (and the relationship b/t the Storm and Thunder flames). 

Still on the subject of KHR! I just finished the anime two days ago. I was SO SAD. But i know that there will be a season two <3 they are probably just waiting for the manga to get a HUGE lead. Oh, did i mention that Mukuro and Chrome are EXCEEDINGLY cute together? Albeit, Mukuro apparently is just using her, but I think otherwise. Sure he's using her, but I think he does have some feelings for the girl :))) 

JUST TO NOTE, currently I ship these pairings in KHR!

OTP in this anime:
5986 Gokuharu

1886 Hibaharu
6996 MukuroChrome
27K TsunaKyoko
3387 RyoheiHana
LI LamboIpin

I dislike 1896 because I don't see Chrome loving anyone other than Mukuro. Though, I do acknowledge Hibari and Chrome's scene in chap 196 and how he literally stared at her in the end of the future arc. IDK what that was about but I don't want them together XD. SPEAKING OF CHROME. HOLEY SHET. When I saw M.M bitchslap Chrome in that one episode I was SO FKING PISSED. GAWD I HATE M.M. Chrome isn't my favorite heroine but DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH THAT GIRL. RAWR.

ahahah this is SO RANDOM. I LOVE IT.

LIAR GAME WHERE ARE YOU!?!!?!?!?  IT's been on hiatus for SO MANY MONTHS. I'm not complaining, but I miss it so much :( I need moar Akiyama and Nao and Fukunaga. SERIOUSLY. EVEN Yokoya! 

Pandora Hearts - haven't mentioned this in forevah! but It's got me on PINS AND NEEDLES. SO MANY QUESTIONS- none answered. JUST MORE QUESTIONS WITH EVERY. FREAKING. NEW. CHAPTER. Break and Sharon are sooo cute together :3 I love how Vincent showed some REAL FEELINGS towards Ada. I want them to end up together (GIL should be alone or with Alice XD)

Okay, I'm going to stop. I could continue this FOREVER. I'll just write small tidbits hahahaha :)